ITRON Water Meters

Technomatics supplies complete range of ITRON Water meters and associated automatic meter reading systems for all applications in the Residential and Commercial Industrial markets.

ITRON is one among the very few metering specialists who understand customers’ needs well enough to be able to advise them on choosing the system best suited to their allocation, billing and network management purposes.

All “ITRON” water meters are equipped for our range of CybleTM communication modules that facilitate remote reading by methods such as radio, M-Bus and pulse. As a complete systems provider, we also provide software to manage the data.

Our entire portfolio is designed to use open protocols to give our customers the flexibility they require in their chosen metering solution.

Water Meters + Modules

  • Apartments
  • Residential
  • Commercial + Industrial
  • Communication Modules
  • Irrigation
  • Accessories

Data Collection

  • Networks Mobile Meter Reading

Analysis Software

  • Energy Forecasting + Load Research

Meter Data Management

  • Data Management Software

Water Network Management

  • Advanced Pressure Management
  • Leak Detection
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