Technical Consulting

Our highly engineered solutions help make your applications more productive and profitable. Get comprehensive engineering consultancy services, including feasibility studies and design services for new installations or remodelling, expanding or upgrade, existing equipments. Important design factors of Pumping Station Arrangement

  • Layout of pumps, valves and pipe work,
  • Type and number of pumps to be used,
  • Arrangement of auxiliary plant such as filters, electrical and control equipment
  • Inclusion of surge protection devices,
  • Final review of pump and pipe work sizing
The hydraulic design of the pumping system includes the following aspects:

Hydraulic design: Pumps, Valves, Pipelines and system operation

  • Calculation of pump head and flow,
  • System resistance curve
  • NPSH calculations
  • Suction pipe design,
  • Discharge pipe size
  • Rising main to discharge point
  • Valves such as isolating valves, non-return valves and control valves
  • System design pressures
  • Pipeline velocities
  • Operational aspects such as pump speed control, valve positions and valve operating times

The pump head will have a static and dynamic component, and these factors will determine the system resistance curve

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