TEC Management

CEO & Technical Advisor

Mr. Raju is the CEO & Technical Advisor in TECHNOMATICS Engineering Company and directly in-charge of Projects / Manufacturing / Services / Administration.

Mr. Raju started his career as a Mechanical Engineer in a Rayon & Pulp Industry in the year 1961 and has built an experience of nearly four decades which includes Technical Training in European Countries.

Mr. Raju has also administered many new / major / maintenance of engineering contracts.  The industry experience includes large paper & process industries.

Mrs. R.Vijaya,

Mrs. Vijaya is the Founder Partner of TECHNOMATICS Engineering Company and involved in team building and administration.

Mrs. Vijaya has experience in administration, social networking, team development and secretariat.

Mrs. Vijaya has administered as a Secretary in a Corporate Social Organization and also held positions in many spiritual organization.

Mrs. R.Meena,
General Manager

Meena Ravichandran is one of the Partners of TECHNOMATICS Engineering Co., and is involved in Project Execution, Imports, Accounts and Finance portfolio.

Meena Ravichandran is a Software Engineer and has gained expertise in Offshore Customer Support.

Meena Ravichandran is also experienced in Imports, Project Execution.

Meena Ravichandran has also administered many offshore contracts, both for major new projects and existing contracts.  The industry experience includes transportation, engineering, Information technology, Health care, Education and Sports sector.

Mr. Ravichandran Raju,
Managing Director

Mr. Ravichandran Raju is the co-founder of TECHNOMATICS Engineering Co. Ltd., provides customers with end to end solutions for their fluid flow engineering requirements.

Mr. Ravi started out in the early 1985, working as a design engineer in a leading pump company, followed by couple of years as Application engineer.

Mr. Ravi has also administered many engineering contracts, both for major new plant and maintenance contracts.  The industry experience includes large sugar mills, paper, municipal water critical pumps, such as the circulating water pumps, high pressure feed pumps, and condensate pumps.

Mr. Ravi is also experienced in hydraulic computer analysis programmers for steady state flows and Air CAD Software.

Mr. Ravichandran Raju has extensive experience in the hydraulic design of pumps and pumping systems, valves, flow meters and control panels.

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