TEC Surge Vessel System

Technomatics offer surge vessel system which includes System Study, Site Inspection, Design and Engineering, Approvals, Manufacturing, Testing and Inspection, Supply, Erection, Commissioning and Maintenance with enthusiastic multi discipline proactive approach. A commitment to comprehending and analysing a projects needs and implementing a cost effective solution, using only the best quality materials, machinery and equipment.

Technomatics Surge systems are commonly arranged with a compressor, or compressors, to provide additional air in to the tank if the liquid level rises above the normal condition. The change in level is detected by a level instrument, which may be a simple bypass level gauge containing a magnetic float which rises and falls with the liquid level activating magnetically sensitive switches attached to the level gauge or a more advanced level instrument, such as a radar or ultrasonic level detection instrument.



  • Cross Country Pipelines
  • Pumping Stations
  • Gravity Network
  • Closed Cooling Water Pipeline
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